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About us

The Planetree Advantage

Started by a patient in 1978, Planetree International is a global leader in person-centered care.  To date, Planetree has partnered with more than 700 healthcare organizations across the continuum of care in 27 countries to implement person-centered quality improvement approaches.

Why Work with Planetree on Your Next Event:

  • Our speakers literally practice what they preach. They are practitioners who have transformed how they deliver care and have seen the results first-hand.
  • Our speakers don’t speak for patients and family caregivers. They ARE patients and family caregivers. Audiences are emboldened by their personal stories emphasizing the human experience of healthcare.
  • Our speakers have a global perspective. They are thought leaders who have informed healthcare policy at a national and international level
  • Our speakers are committed to “real talk.” They know from personal experience what it takes to lead organizational culture change efforts in the field. They don’t romanticize, but they do galvanize teams to create change.
  • Planetree has over 27 years of experience in creating healthcare events
  • Planetree currently conducts business in 27 countries and has have given keynotes in more than 35 countries

Here are some of our past clients:

Past Clients


Patient and Family Engagement

Transforming from doing “for” patients to “with” patients and their loves ones requires a seismic shift in both mindsets and practice. But a structured approach focused on purpose, process and practice will create profound results that makes healthcare better for all.

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Improving the Patient Experience

An exceptional patient experience is more than care delivered at the right time, at the right time in the right place. Today’s patients expect more: caring communication, information to guide decision-making, coordination among team members, and the expectation that they and their families will participate in care and care planning. How will your organization meet this higher standard for quality?

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When caring is at the core of your organizational mission, great things happen. Employees and leaders care about each other and for the people they serve. People feel pride in the work they do. They work harder because what they do isn’t just a job, it’s a mission to care and improve peoples’ lives.

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Susan B. Frampton, PhD

President, Planetree International

Culture Change | Consumer Engagement | Health Care Policy

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Jim Kinsey

Director of Member Services, Planetree International

Operationalizing Culture | Workforce Development | Health Equity | Long Term Care Solutions

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Jill Golde, M.S.

Senior VP, Market Development Language Caring Branch, Planetree International

Patient Experience | Caring Communication | Sustainable Culture Change

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Our Presentations

The Planetree Speakers Bureau represents well accomplished healthcare professionals, patient and family advocates, award winning authors and cutting-edge thinkers. Presentations can be delivered as a keynote address, breakout session, webinar, corporate meeting, corporate retreat, and/or hospital/long-term care staff retreats. Planetree presenters have also been expert panelists and moderators.

Selected Presentations

  • Creating a Culture of Quality, Compassion and Partnership. A Pathway to Excellence
  • Consumer Trends in an Age of Empowerment
  • Strategies for the Future of Health Care
  • Business as Usual is No Longer an Option
  • The Essential Link Between Staff Engagement and the Great Patient Experience
  • The Language of Empathy and Engagement: Communication Essentials for Person-Centered Care
  • The ROI of the Exceptional Patient Experience
  • Person-Centered Care Made Personal: Everyone is a Caregiver
  • Combating Ageism in Healthcare
  • Words Matter: Eliminating Bias Language in Healthcare Environments
  • Nurse Leadership for Person-Centered Care
  • A Deep Dive Into the Intersection of Safety, Quality and Person-Centered Care
  • Immersion Leadership: Creating Community
  • Middle Manager Coaching
  • Advanced Communication for Physicians
  • Creating a Person-Centered Care Culture