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Person-Centered Care

Measurable, Sustainable, Attainable.

Person-centered care is more than hospitality. It is more than amenities and inviting surroundings. Person-centered care is an evidence-based framework for improved patient and family engagement, better clinical outcomes, increased staff retention and recruitment, and high value care. Person-centered care creates workplaces that energize and inspire joy. It places patients and caregivers at the center of the care experience and unites communities around health and wellness.

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Unite your team around a shared mission.

Empower staff with opportunities and responsibilities to personalize care and services — promoting continuity, consistency, accountability, and partnership with each patient and their loved ones.


Make person-centered care systematized, achievable, and repeatable.

Develop a comprehensive, formalized approach to engaging patients, long-term care residents, and their families in all aspects of care — tailored to the needs and strengths of the organization.


Turn person-centered goals into action.

Involve staff, patients, and family in the design, implementation, and communication of your organization’s improvement efforts, consistently assessing and prioritizing strategies over time.

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Benefits of Person-Centered Care

Person-centered care brings benefits both internal and external, both financial and cultural. From higher quality of care and services and improved health outcomes to lower readmission rates and shorter stays. From improved patient experiences to increased employee satisfaction and retention. From greater financial performance and market share to a more healing, comforting environment — not only for patients, long-term care residents and families, but also caregivers and staff.

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With more than 800 partner organizations spanning 35 countries, Planetree has a comprehensive understanding of how person-centered care translates globally.

Founded by a single patient in 1978, Planetree has empowered over 9 million patients and healthcare providers to look at the care journey in a whole new way.

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Planetree partners with organizations around the world to align strategic goals with practical operational improvements that positively impact health outcomes, increase staff retention and recruitment, improve business performance, and enable organizations to deliver the highest value care.

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Harnessing Evidence and Experience to Change Culture

Active engagement of patients and their families in decisions about their own care is a foundation of a high-quality, person-centered health care system. Significant clinical, psychological, and emotional benefits of these practices have been well documented for patients, family, and health care professionals.

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Improving the patient experience through a comprehensive performance framework to evaluate excellence in person-centered care

A study of how the structured Certification framework can help organizations identify PCC improvement opportunities, guide their implementation efforts, and better understand the impact on patient and staff outcomes..

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Harnessing Evidence and Experience to Change Culture

Read the full explanation of The National Academy of Medicine’s framework for creating a culture of patient and family engagement (PFEC), including the latest scientific research and real-life examples that bring PFEC to life.

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