What is Person-Centered Care Certification?

Top healthcare organizations know they need to make person-centered care the foundation of the way they treat patients, but it’s a massive undertaking. One that touches on every aspect of organizational culture, infrastructure, processes — but rewards sites with improved quality outcomes, increased reimbursement, and high levels of doctor and nurse retention.

Planetree partners with organizations across the continuum of care to deliver the leading evidence-based framework for co-designing their roadmap to improved patient and family engagement, better clinical outcomes, increased staff retention and recruitment, and high value care. ​This roadmap is the pathway to Certification - a mark of achievement, of quality, and of commitment to patients, families, and the community.

Why Pursue Certification?

"Planetree has secured our financial viability through the transformation of every aspect of our care. More than that, an employee told me we’ve created a ‘culture of love.’ That’s the core of what we’re about as healthcare providers and human beings — showing we’re here for patients and families during a difficult time, and we’re here for physicians and staff at every level."DR. SUSAN STONE, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT AND CEO, SHARP CORONADO HOSPITAL

Benefits of Certification

Person-Centered Care Certification brings benefits both internal and external, both financial and cultural. From higher quality of care and improved patient outcomes to lower readmission rates and shorter stays. From higher HCAHPS and other patient experience scores to increased employee satisfaction and retention. From greater financial performance and market share to an overall more pleasant, healing, comforting environment — not only for patients and families, but also caregivers and staff.
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Path to Certification

No matter where you are in your person-centered journey, Planetree is here to help you meet your goals. We know no two healthcare organizations is the same — each serves different communities, with different needs, challenges, and strengths. We work with you to customize the path to certification so that it meets you where you are, and brings you to where you want to be.

Person-Centered Care: The Future of Wellness

Each path comprises three basic stages:

  • Phase 1: Initial contact, self-assessment, and application submission
  • Phase 2: Process enhancement, follow-up, and on-site validation
  • Phase 3: Evaluation and certification

< Get a more in-depth look at the journey in this infographic:

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How to Get Started

Just reading this right now means you're already on your way, whether you're just beginning to research person-centered care, interested in Planetree consultation services, or ready to start working toward certification. Contact Planetree today to discuss the next steps for your organization — we can't wait to get to know you and your community better!

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Whether you’re just starting out on your person-centered care journey or looking for ways to improve an existing initiative, Planetree offers certification and consulting services that empower healthcare organizations to make the changes that are best for their patients, staff, and community.

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