Kimberly Barrieault, PsyD


Language of Caring, Branch of Planetree International

Employee Engagement / Organizational Change / Leadership / Sustaining Improvement

Making Change Stick. A dynamic organizational psychologist with over 20 years of experience in organizational development, change processes, and strategic implementation. Inspires and leads purposeful change with a determined emphasis on hardwiring and sustainment.

Advocate for the Great Employee Experience. Steeped in the research on employee engagement and firsthand experience with employee engagement strategies, Kimberly connects the dots between employee engagement and person-centered care, and powerfully applies the Language of Caring to coworker and team relationships.

Inspiring Leadership. A seasoned leader with an impressive track record and expert facilitation skills in mobilizing leaders to embrace, drive and support person-centered care and initiatives to improve the human experience and quality outcomes.

Recent Presentations

  • Making the Language of Caring Stick
  • The Essential Link between Staff Engagement and the Great Patient Experience
  • The Power of the Language of Caring to Transform Coworker Relationships

Autumn Bollinger, M.S., R.D.N.


Language of Caring, Branch of Planetree International

Motivation / Coaching / Communicating with Empathy

Powerful Voice for Millennials. Wise, inspiring advocate for creating workplaces that provide a great quality of life for staff, while fulfilling their desire to make the world a better place.

Irresistible Connector. Speaks to people’s yearning for respect, understanding and compassion. A walking example of the Language of Caring.

Contagious Positivism. Can-do attitude, appreciative style and focus on what’s possible, hopeful, constructive, and important.

Recent Presentations

  • You care, but does your caring SHOW?
  • YOU can make a difference!
  • Connecting with Caring


Matt Cavallo, MPH


Matt Cavallo, MPH is a patient experience speaker, author, and podcaster who motivates audiences worldwide with his personal patient experience and genuine storytelling style.

At age twenty-eight, Matt was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Seemingly over night he went from a fully-functioning, healthy man to someone who was numb from the waist down and unable to walk. As a result of his diagnosis, Matt has dedicated his life to improving the patient experience.

Matt Cavallo, MPH is the founder and Chief Empathy Officer of the Patient Activation Network. He is a patient experience thought leader who has been a keynote speaker for healthcare events across the country. Matt has been named among The Top 10 Social HealthMakers by WCG and his blog was selected as one of Healthline’s Top Multiple Sclerosis Blogs. His story of being diagnosed and overcoming the physical and emotional challenges associated with having a chronic disease can be read in his memoir, The Dog Story: A Journey into a New Life with Multiple Sclerosis.

Most importantly, however, Matt is the proud father of his two sons, Mason and Colby, the loving husband to his wife, Jocelyn, and the best friend to his dog, Teddy. Originally from the Boston suburbs, Matt currently works and lives with his family in Chandler, Arizona.

Patrick Charmel


Patrick A. Charmel, President & Chief Executive Officer of Griffin Hospital and its parent organization Griffin Health Services Corporation, has been associated with Griffin since 1979. After serving in a number of administrative positions, he became President in 1998. As President of Griffin Health Services Corporation, he is also the Chair & Chief Executive Officer of Planetree Inc., a subsidiary corporation.

Charmel is co-author of the book “Putting Patients First” which received the American College of Healthcare Executive’s Health Care book of the year award in 2004 (2nd edition Oct. 2008).

Charmel and Griffin Hospital have been featured in numerous top-selling business books including “Tribal Leadership – Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization;” “Case Studies in Transparency – Real-World Ways for Marketers to Educate Consumers;” “Fire Them Up;” “The Disney Way – Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company;” and the recently published “The Transformative CEO: Impact lessons from Industry Game Changers.” Watch Patrick on The CEO Show – http://videos.ceoshow.com/keyword/pat-charmel.

Robert H. Coblentz, M.D., F.A.C.C.


Language of Caring, Branch of Planetree International

Physician Engagement / Physician Communication / Clinician Development

Great Patient-Physician Relationships. Prize-winning teacher, coach and mentor with an uncanny ability to engage physicians in sharpening empathic communication skills for challenging interactions

Professional Collaboration. Advocate for medical communities that support inter-professional teamwork and quality medical care. communities Recognizes the critical need to focus authentic, collegial relationships on the best interests of the patient

Patient and Family Engagement. Speaks the language of partnership and shared decision-making and articulates the requisite skills.

Recent Presentations

  • The Language of Empathy and Engagement: Communication Essentials for Patient-Centered Care
  • Transform the Physician-Patient Relationship with Empathic Communication
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Risk-Reducing Communication

Danielle Cosgrove


Danielle Cosgrove looks like the very picture of perfect health. However, go beneath the surface and her reality is quite different. In 2010 a terrible accident left her with a condition that is widely recognized as one of the most painful in the world, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

“Myself and millions of other Americans do not look ill, but we deserve all the treatment we get and more. At the end of the day no one deserves to be or to feel invisible. We are all in this together, and we are all fighting like hell so that we may move from stigma to strength to support.”

As the founder of CRPS advocacy initiative Project 3×5, Cosgrove has made it her mission to raise what she calls the “staggeringly low awareness level” of her debilitating condition — and she hopes to eventually raise funds for research.


Lucie Dumas


Planetree International

Mrs. Dumas is the Chief executive officer of « Réseau Planetree francophone », affiliate of Planetree International, a non-profit advocacy and membership organization that works with a growing network of healthcare provider organizations in 25 countries, to implement comprehensive person-centered models of care.

Mrs. Dumas founded the French division of Planetree in 2005. She has worked for more than 30 years as an executive in the health care network in Quebec. She has authored publications, including collaboration in writing the book « Putting Patients First Field Guide » in 2013. She has chaired on various provincial and international committees as an expert to promote Patient-centered care, leadership, Patient-Family Engagement and Compassionate Healthcare. She also participated in the World Health Organization working groups on Education and Aging. In addition, she has lectured widely in Canada and internationally on culture change, quality of service, and on patient-centered care.

Mme Dumas was honored in 2014 by Planetree International for Life-time Achievement. In 2011, she received a prestigious award from the Quebec Ministry of Health for the results she achieved with the Planetree model. In 2009, she also received, from her peers, the « Recognition » award for her leadership.


Dustin Fennell, M.S.


Planetree International

High-Performing Teams | ROI of Patient Experience | Patient-Oriented Business Solutions

High Tech-High Touch. An innovative and accomplished Chief Information Officer who believes that “people matter most,” Dustin offers a unique combination of tech savvy and people-centered leadership.

Leadership. Grounded in 18+ years as a senior executive, mobilizes teams to create, commit, and collaborate.

Plan Execution. Dustin demonstrated and articulates the keys to leading operational teams to ensure innovative product development, effective solutions implementation, and efficient operational performance.

Recent Presentations:

  • High-Performing Teams: A Recipe for Success
  • Building High-Performing Technology Teams
  • The ROI fo the Exceptional Patient Experience
  • Strategies for Transformational Change

Lisa Fitzpatrick,MD


Health Literacy | Health IT Strategies for the Underserved

Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick, MD, MPH is a CDC-trained medical epidemiologist and board-certified infectious diseases physician with both domestic and global experience in public health. She was recently named as a member of the Institute of Medicine/National Academy of Sciences Roundtable on Health Literacy.

Although Dr. Fitzpatrick’s career has traversed clinical medicine, research and public health program implementation, she is most passionate about improving the nation’s health literacy and demystifying health information. Her goal is to inspire greater and more effective disease prevention and health promotion action in communities by making practical and useable health information more accessible to ordinary citizens.

Dr. Fitzpatrick’s skills and experiences are diverse. She is a medical doctor who began her public health career in 1998 as a medical epidemiologist at the nation’s premier public health agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a member of the CDC’s elite Epidemic Intelligence Service. She has served a foreign diplomat in the Caribbean while representing the US government CDC Global AIDS Program under PEPFAR.

Susan B. Frampton, PhD


Culture Change | Consumer Engagement | Health Care Policy

A medical anthropologist with 30+ years of experience, Susan understands how health care is shaped and experienced by a variety of forces, and how those forces can be restructured to create better health, better care, better cultures and lower costs.

A global vision. Susan has traveled the world, bringing her vision for improving health care quality through compassion and partnership to over 30 countries.

Thought leader. Her ability to distill the complexities of health care policy and culture into changes that make a tangible difference in peoples’ lives makes Susan a sought after voice in national and international convenings. Most recently, she has been invited to serve on the National Quality Forum’s Quality 2050 Task Force, the National Academy of Medicine’s Scientific Advisory Panel on Patient and Family Engaged Care and the World Health Organization’s Collaborating Centre’s International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals.

Recent Presentations:

Consumer Trends in a Brave New World of Patient Engagement

Converting Good Intentions into an Executable Strategy for Person-Centered Care


Jill Golde, M.S.


Language of Caring, Branch of Planetree International

Patient Experience / Caring Communication / Sustainable Culture Change

Inspiration. With a deep well of experience and sensitivity, Jill’s articulation of skills, appreciative focus, mind-opening stories and supportive and loving nature open people to self-reflection, experimentation and behavior change.

Motivator. Contagious determination to help healthcare professionals make their caring felt in every interaction with every patient, family member and coworker and to help the talented people in healthcare celebrate their strengths and stay connected to caring mission.

Coach and Partner. Partners with strategy champions and teams to accelerate performance, change culture and help your organization go to a whole new place, I would recommend Jill without reservation to help you design and facilitate the journey.”

Recent Presentations

  • Empathy: YES, you can teach it!
  • The Power of Words in Long-Term Care
  • The Power of One!

Sara Guastello

Vice President, Knowledge Management at Planetree

Planetree International

Culture Change |Person-Centered Care |Applying PCC Concepts Beyond Healthcare

Change architect. Sara spearheaded the effort to develop the Person-Centered Care Certification Program ™, an evidence-based performance framework to evaluate cultures of person-centered care. Her deep understanding of the relationship between the critical inputs necessary to achieve excellence in person-centered care enable her break down the complexities of culture change into a pathway to change that feels do-able.

A pragmatic thinker. In this work, it is easy to get lost in abstract thinking and over-philosophizing. Sara’s pragmatic approach focuses on how to get this done within the realities of healthcare today. She draws on best practices from the field as examples that person-centered care is far more than an aspirational state – it is the future of healthcare. But she does while frankly acknowledging the institutional restrictions that make such change difficult.

Leading author. Sara has written prolifically on the topics of person-centered care and culture change. In books, articles and implementation resources, Sara connects the dots between WHY person-centered care matters and HOW to achieve it.

Recent Presentations:

Creating a Culture of Quality, Compassion and Partnership. A Pathway to Excellence.

Person-Centered Care Made Personal and Practical




Karin Jay


Planetree International

The Art of Patient-Centered Care | Healthcare Ethics

Karin is responsible for directing and overseeing all aspects of Planetree International’s work outside of the US, including interface with partner offices located in The Netherlands, Brazil, Chile, Germany and Quebec. Directs and supports work with member affiliate organizations across the continuum of care in twenty-seven countries.

Prior to joining Planetree, Karin spent 22+ years working in the accreditation and international quality/patient safety arena with The Joint Commission and Joint Commission International (JCI).

Karin has also been a contributing author on several publications focused on accreditation, patient-centered care, and patients’ rights. Karin serves on ISQua’s Advisory Forum on Partnerships with Patients, and is an active volunteer with several non-profit organizations. Karin holds a Master of Arts in Philosophy and Healthcare Ethics from Loyola University, Chicago, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


Philippa Kennealy, M.D., MPH, CPCC, PCC


Language of Caring, Branch of Planetree International

Physician Engagement / Physician Communication / Physician Coaching / Reducing Burnout

Dynamic Physician Developer. Creating workplaces where dignity, love, and the very best possible care are top priority, Phillippa is expert in professional development and experiential learning, as well as business and life coaching—all executed with outstanding listening and communication abilities.

Empathy and Insight from Diverse Roles and Experiences. Phillippa has been effective as a Board-certified Family Physician, Medical Director, hospital CEO, and Physician Entrepreneur in locales including South Africa, Zimbabwe, and UCLA.

A Passionate Spark Borne of Personal Experience. Having undergone big professional and personal metamorphoses in her life, Phillippa is deeply aware of the challenges of change, while acting on her fierce belief that physicians can have meaningful careers and live passionate lives, with few regrets.

Recent Presentations

  • Within Reach: Abundant Professional Satisfaction
  • Elevating Physician Engagement, Resilience and Leadership
  • Achieving Person-Centered Ambulatory Care with the Language of Caring

Mandy Kilmartin


Language of Caring, Branch of Planetree International

Culture Change | Consumer Engagement | Leadership Training

Amanda (“Mandy”) Kilmartin is an Experience Advisor at Planetree International and a critical member of the team dedicated to helping healthcare organizations plan and deliver exceptional, compassionate medical care. In this role, Mandy guides healthcare leaders and providers through the development of a person-centered culture. She provides coaching on person-centered leadership and initiatives, conducts organizational gap analysis and progress assessments, and presents and facilitates workshops on Planetree topics such as compassionate human interactions. She has worked with organizations across the U.S. and around the world, and is currently the lead advisor for several care sites across the Middle East.

Prior to Planetree, Mandy obtained a B.S. in Human Health Sciences from Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT. She has since spent her career working in various roles as a strategic resource for healthcare facilities to improve medical and surgical program efficiency, streamline complex perioperative pathways, and improve patient access and outcomes. Mandy also acted as the Resource Development Director for United Way of Coastal Fairfield County, where she helped to align resources around a common vision to achieve a sustainable, positive impact for children, their families, and their communities. She previously served as the Regional VP of Sales for an e-Health start up company, working to improve communication and collaboration across the continuum of care.

As a dedicated member of her community, Mandy is currently an elected member of the Shelton, CT Board of Education.

Jim Kinsey

Vice President Continuum of Care Services

Planetree International

Operationalizing Culture | Workforce Development | Health Equity | Long Term Care Solutions

Caregiver. A nurse by training and a family caregiver by experience, Jim intimately understands the realities of being a caregiver – the calling and the challenges, the emotional toll and the deep gratification that can result when purpose and practice are aligned.

Advocate. Through his work with CMS through the Pioneer Network, The Alzheimers Association and individual organizations, Jim works to build awareness of how bias against vulnerable groups is perpetuated in health care, and how it can be dismantled. He is committed to amplifying voices of the least empowered groups in society to help create a health care system that works for all.

Recent Presentations:

Combating Ageism in Healthcare Words Matter: Eliminating Bias Language in Healthcare Environments

Nurse Leadership for Long-Term Care

Intersection of Safety, Quality and Person-Centered Care

Sarah E. Kucharski


Sarah E. Kucharski is a consultant, public speaker and advocate fostering the patient voice in medicine through storytelling, social media and design thinking for innovation. Her special interests include narrative medicine, patient engagement, the patient experience, the doctor-patient relationship, the patient-caregiver relationship, chronic illness, clinical trials, health literacy, and social media. She has a B.A. in journalism, a M.A. in liberal studies, and a certificate from Columbia University’s Narrative Medicine program.



Toby Peach


Toby is a British theatre maker, facilitator and performer who was on the BBC’s ‘Ones to Watch’ list in 2015 having completed his BBC Community Theatre fellowship at The Old Vic. He is in the US on a residency with Stupid Cancer, funded by the British Council’s Artist International Development Fund, to develop his methodology of connecting with, and creating stories for, and with, young adults who have experienced cancer. Toby has created multiple shows exploring the world of cancer and attempting it more accessible for public audiences, including The Eulogy, exploring his own experience of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and The Other Side Of A Hurricane, a participatory show which dived into living in remission. He is currently working with young patients in the UK on new theatre shows and developing The Eulogy into a Graphic Novel and Online Short Series.

Recent Presentations:

  • The Eulogy of Toby Peach


Dorothy Sisneros, MS, MBA


Planetree International

Healthcare Transformation / Patient and Employee Experience / Executive Leadership

Change Architect and Coach. Enriched by years of experience as leader, executive coach, and organizational development consultant, Dorothy guides leaders to engage the wisdom and strengths of every individual and create energy, synergy and the excitement to accomplish challenging goals.

Communication Expert. Viewing communication as a treatment modality, Dorothy helps healthcare professionals sharpen and intentionally apply advanced communication skills that make their expertise and caring visible in every interactions.

Passionate Advocate. Inspired by her personal health challenges, Dorothy moves people and ideas to accentuate their strengths and deliver exceptionally compassionate care.

Recent Presentations

  • The Keys to Accountability
  • Achieving a Culture of Caring by Making Empathy the Universal Language
  • Taking Your Person-Centered Care Strategy to the Next Level
  • Hiring Caring Communicators




Dael Waxman, M.D.


Carolinas HealthCare System

Physician Communication / Physician Burnout /Creating a PatientCentered Care Culture

Dael Waxman, M.D. is the Interim Chair of the Dept. of Family Medicine at Carolinas HealthCare System in Charlotte, NC. Additionally, he serves as Medical Director for Patient-Centered Programming at Carolinas Medical Center-Mercy. In addition to his medical background, he has received training in and has been integrating family therapy, clinical hypnosis and other modalities of mind/body medicine into teaching and practice for over 20 years. An Associate Professor of Family Medicine at UNC Chapel Hill, he has taught regionally, nationally and internationally on: family influences on health, physician-patient communication, patientcentered care, collaboration between mental health and primary care, physician wellness, and mind/body medicine.

Dorothea Wild, MD


Planetree International

Dr. Dorothea Wild is an experienced physician, physician leader, teacher, and researcher. Dorothea obtained her MD in Germany and trained in Germany and the US. She holds board certifications in Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine, and Palliative Care. She also obtained an MPH from Yale in Health Management, and served at Griffin Hospital as Associate Residency Program Director for the Combined Preventive Medicine and Internal Medicine Residency Program. Until 2013, Dorothea was the president of the Griffin Faculty Practice Plan. In this role, she was instrumental in hardwiring Patient-centeredness in the inpatient and outpatient setting among Griffin physicians. Dorothea has helped in implementing and evaluating several curricula for physicians in training in Patientcentered care, the Patient-centered medical home, health literacy, preventive medicine, and cultural competency. Dorothea has published extensively in the peer-reviewed literature, and is co-author of the best-selling textbook of epidemiology, biostatistics, and preventive medicine. Dorothea also contributed to the PatientCentered Improvement Field Guide. For her efforts in making the Planetree Approach more accessible for physicians, she was named as a member of the Planetree Physician Advisory Council.

Dorothea continues to practice as a physician. In addition, Dorothea is working in Germany to build the Planetree Network there. She consults with healthcare organizations in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. In her role at Planetree, Dorothea works on engaging physicians in Patient-centered care, developing Curricula on Patientcentered care, and building the evidence-base for the Planetree Approach. Dorothea can present in English, Dutch, and German.

Rhonda Williams, M.S.N., M.B.A., RN


Language of Caring, Branch of Planetree International

Operationalizing Culture / Leadership / Workforce Development

Caregiver, Executive and Advocate in Post-Acute Care. Informed by years of caregiving and leadership experience, Rhonda has built networks that spotlight post-acute care and the untapped opportunities for improving patient and family engagement and continuity of care and caring.

Improving Communication. Rhonda helps executives, teams and other professionals leverage communication as a core competency to move their organizations forward and engages staff in mastering and using the concrete skills that communicate caring.

Passionate advocate for the exceptional staff experience. Recognizing the critical impact of staff engagement and well-being on the patient and family experience, Rhonda’s finely honed tactics for staff engagement help leaders and organizations mobilize and effectively tap the talents of their entire workforce.

Recent Presentations

  • Improving the Patient Experience in Post-Acute Care with Exceptional Communication
  • Achieving a Motivated and Engaged Workforce: The Path to Satisfied Patients and Improved Outcomes
  • Making Caring Visible in Every Interaction