Burnout Risk Self Reflection Questions

Thursday, 13 September 2018 by

    Ten questions designed to guide individuals’ understanding of their risk of burnout. Note: This is not a validated survey, nor a diagnostic tool. The purpose of the questions and scoring system are to prompt greater self-awareness around risks of burnout.    

    Improving the coordination among the various settings and care providers along the healthcare continuum can improve patient safety, quality of care, and health outcomes while avoiding significant costs, minimizing inappropriate readmissions, and reducing patient and family frustration, emotional distress and dissatisfaction. By definition, transitions of care involve multiple settings or providers of care.

    Human resources systems play a pivotal role in cultivating and preserving a strong culture, beginning with hiring individuals whose personal values and approach to their work aligns with the organizational culture. Compiled from interview questions used by Planetree Gold Certified healthcare organizations, this tool provides questions to help hiring managers vet those who

    Process improvement is a systematic approach to continuously try to do things better within an organization. Pretty simple concept, right? And yet process improvement can become very complicated very quickly given all the specialized terminology and systems that have become associated with it. These tools, terms and step-by-step processes all serve an important

    The journey of advanced care planning can be long and often complex. From making decisions while healthy to ensuring wishes are met at the end of life, each step has different considerations and conversations. This decisional framework for advance care planning, co-developed by Planetree International and the Connecticut Center for Patient Safety, supports

Nurse Manager Rounding Tool

Tuesday, 06 March 2018 by

    This day-to-day rounding tool is designed to support nurse managers in getting a more comprehensive look at unit activity in real time. It centers on 12 simple questions that address a broad range of patient needs and preferences – including sleep, pain, understanding of the care plan and more.    

24-Hour Report Template

Tuesday, 06 March 2018 by

    Communicating consistently between shifts in long-term and post-acute care environments can often be a challenge due to changes in staffing, a mixture of acute and existing diagnoses and individual interpretation of what is vital information to exchange. This easy to use 24-hour report sheet enhances communication between nurses, assures compliance of documentation and

    This webinar, presented by Planetree International President Susan Frampton, explores opportunities for healthcare systems to respond to consumers’ evolving expectations and preferences for how healthcare is delivered.    

Person-Centered Technology Assessment

Thursday, 04 January 2018 by

    How can you put technology to use in a way that maximizes its capacity to advance your organization’s person-centered culture? Planetree’s Person-Centered Technology Assessment tool guides your team through an intentional approach to selecting, implementing and evaluating any new technologies based on how the tools serve human needs and facilitate relationships.    

    Five common responses team members may have to change with specific guidance for leaders on how best to engage in order to create the desired results.    

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