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Vision Panels

The Sky Factory


We envision a world wherein the pristine beauty of nature is brought inside, where fine art and technology help to deliver the peace and balance that come from authentic experience of the depths of nature. We are committed to providing practical, affordable ceiling and wall installations that accomplish this in a pure and profound way.

The Sky Factory

Formed in 2002, The Sky Factory is a company of 35 people in a 12,000 sq. ft. facility on five acres in Fairfield, Iowa. Our business is to provide you with the highest quality Illusions of Nature™ and to do so affordably. “We” also includes over 50 other ‘partners‘ in various countries around the world. These are business associates, but more significantly friends, who, inspired by the beauty of nature, are bringing the sky inside for the people of their country. Many of us are artists of one kind or another but fortunately, we also have our share of engineers. Everyone has a healthy respect for magic – necessarily so – since our art lies in creating illusion.

The Sky Factory is also a creative business experiment. Drawing on founder Bill Witherspoon’s decades of entrepreneurial success and failure and a desire to put nature’s own organizing principles into practice, The Sky Factory is an incubator for powerful new ways to organize, motivate, and inspire the work of a group of people in the service of creative, quality products that improve life.

Implementing some of the key practices of Jack Stack’s Great Game of Business, especially Open Book Management, along with dedication to Extreme Customer Service, Lean manufacturing, Fine Art Aesthetics and Quality, and a deep reverence for Nature, Sky Factory is a unique young company with some engaging ideas about the role of culture in life and business.

Karan Garg
Sky Wallah (Marketing)
The Sky Factory
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Monte Nagler Fine Art, LLC

Monte Nagler Fine Art, LLC
Farmington Hills, MI
Contact: Mickey Nagler
(248) 426-0333

We positively impact people’s lives through the power and appreciation of art.
While decorative art is only decorative, fine art photography is so much more, enriching homes, offices and lifestyles.
Monte’s art is acquired by individuals for their visual pleasure in their home or office, by corporations to create an inspirational environment and by healthcare facilities to encourage relaxation and healing for the patient and a better environment for visitors and staff. His artwork is also purchased to be given as gifts to family and friends and used in recognition/ rewards programs.

Photos For Healing is a division of Monte Nagler Fine Art, LLC, and was created based on extensive research and testing done to verify the value of art within the healthcare environment. Monte’s vivid photographs, depicting nature and other imagery, now become a therapeutic entity.
The artwork can be produced as traditional photography, matted and framed or as a more customized look being mounted or printed on substrates: hardboards, canvas, tapestry, plexi, banners, glass, metal, wood, wallpaper, or backlit acrylic.

Monte Nagler’s artistic quest is to have others see the world in a finer light and to appreciate life a little more. He has the ability to make visible what others can only sense, sharing with viewers the emotional beauty he experiences. Monte’s photographs, which have won numerous awards, are found in many private and public collections. He is a noted writer, lecturer, teacher of photography and is the author of six highly successful photography books.

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