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For 36 years Planetree has been the trusted advocate, solution provider and standard setter for patient-centered care. This year we are offering more online and live educational experiences to accelerate your efforts to and transform your organizational culture by engaging patients, families and staff.

Actionable Steps for Making Patient-Centered Care a Reality Workshops

There is no disputing that patient-centered care has gained considerable traction over the last few years as perhaps the most promising strategy for driving high quality, high value healthcare.  And yet, healthcare leaders and organizations around the country continue to struggle with how to advance from merely identifying exemplary patient-centered practices to the actual execution of them.

This one-day workshop is designed to offer solutions for health care leaders who are ready to take action, and will be offered in a variety of locations across the country over the coming year. Click on the Date/City for the registration link.

The workshop has been carefully crafted to share field-tested approaches for bringing patient-centered care to life, but also (and most importantly) to ensure participants leave with practical take-aways that will enable them to convert the knowledge they acquire into action.

Expert faculty will impart real world solutions for:

  • Partnering more effectively with patients
  • Engaging family members to improve quality, drive outcomes and foster continuity
  • Creating workplaces that promote superior performance, and
  • Redesigning your organizational structures to put patients first.

We face so many complex challenges in healthcare. 

One conclusion. A Patient-Centered Organizational Culture.

Time after time we hear that patient-centered care is a centerpiece of the national strategy to improve healthcare quality. Now it’s time to learn how to make it happen in your organization. Learn the fundamentals of what it takes in concrete and actionable steps to be patient-centered from the organization that wrote the book on it.

Planetree’s one-day workshop will address how to:

  • Align quality endeavors around a patient-centered perspective
  • Accelerate change, and
  • Evaluate success

 Expert faculty will impart real world solutions for:

•Partnering more effectively with patients
•Engaging family members to improve quality, drive outcomes and foster continuity
•Creating workplaces that promote superior performance
•Redesigning your organizational structures around the patient

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Jim Kinsey
Director Planetree Member Experience




A course by nurses for nursesApril 23-May 28

This 6-week course will engage nurses in learning, discussion and activities to enhance their understanding of what it means to deliver patient-centered care and why it is important. Developed and taught by advanced practice nurses, the course draws on the instructors’ first-hand experience implementing the Planetree model at the bedside. The cumulative curriculum dives deeply into the critical role that nurses play in delivering a patient-centered care experience, emphasizing practical strategies for putting patient-centered care into practice in interactions with patients, family members and fellow members of the care team. The course emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, reflection, clinical judgment, along with an understanding of patient-centered care. All are critical competencies for nurses today.

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The shared medical record has been a hallmark Planetree practice since the very beginnings of the model. Dating back now more than three decades, Planetree’s earliest pioneers understood that a pivotal strategy for empowering patients to take a more active role in their health care was for them to have access to their real time personal health information. Furthermore, these early patient-centered care visionaries recognized that for patients to be engaged as bona fide members of their own care team, it was essential that the rigid division between what information is shared among clinicians and what information is shared with patients and family members be eradicated. In this session, Planetree faculty will cover why this patient-preferred practice not only meets patients needs for information, but ultimately drives quality care and outcomes. In addition, the mechanics of an effective shared medical records process will be detailed step-by-step.

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Strength Based Supervision(Rev4)

Strength Based Supervision-a new 4-week online course!

April 25, May 2, 9, 16 at 2 p.m. ET

In many organizations today, leaders and supervisors are stuck in the rule enforcement cycle. Many organizations have identified that mere rule enforcement doesn’t change employee behavior. Strength based supervision and coaching and transform the behavior of the employee. Using skills such as relationship development, root cause analysis and many other strength based tools, leaders and supervisors who participate in this four-week course will discover how to uncover the best in their employees and alter behaviors that are negatively impacting outcomes. All learning will occur virtually. All participants will need to have access to a computer, Internet access and an email address.

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Transitions of Care(Rev4)

Transitions of Care-new 4-week online course!

April 29, May 6, 13, 20 at 3:30 p.m. ET

Transitions of care refer to the movement of a patient from one setting or provider of care (hospital, primary care practice, specialist, long-term care, home health, rehabilitation facility, intensive care unit) to another. This four-week course is designed for individuals and organizations who want to improve transitions of care for patients, residents, and families.  The course will generate practical tips for healthcare providers in preparing patients for transitions across the continuum of healthcare settings.  Case studies from acute care, behavioral health, long-term care, and primary care to specialist will be used.

Participants in this course can also expect to:

  • Learn about transition of care strategies from Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • Identify common gaps in managing care transitions
  • Develop practical tools for supporting patients through transitions of care

Assignments between weekly sessions will allow participants to identify gaps and create interventions for transitions of care within their specific care environment.  A virtual discussion board monitored by the course instructors will provide participants the opportunity to have their site-specific questions addressed.

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Presented by Phyllis Goetz, EDAC, PVDN, Director, Strategic Programs and Services for Herman Miller Healthcare

Evidence-based design is the process of basing choices about the design of man-made environments (both physical and virtual) on credible evidence to make the best decisions for patients and staff. Like evidence based medicine, its creation was driven through a need to base design interventions for the environment of care on scientific empiricism in order to more reliably predict positive patient and staff physical and psychological outcomes.

Presented by Phyllis Goetz, EDAC, PVDN, Director, Strategic Programs and Services for Herman Miller Healthcare, this session will review how one begins the process of incorporating the eight steps of evidence based design into a healthcare building, capital improvement, or renovation project and using it as a vehicle for both the prediction and ongoing monitoring of patient and staff quality and engagement measures.

1. Define evidence-based design, its evolution and key steps
2. Translate trends to design application
3. Gain access to evidence-based design resources