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Patient-Preferred Practice Primer: Care Partners

Wednesday, September 3, 2014, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

Presented by Tracy Walsh, Planetree Experience Advisor

It is time to retire the term “visitor” from the hospital lexicon.  Today, health care organizations do themselves and their patients a disservice by limiting the scope of family’s role to mere visitation.  Family transcends discrete episodes of care and settings, which positions them to become that elusive source of continuity so lacking in our fragmented health care system.  A hallmark Planetree practice, Care Partner Programs promote a heightened and formalized level of family participation. Identified by the patient, the Care Partner is typically a family member or close friend who is embraced as a member of the care team and accepts mutually agreed upon responsibilities. In this session, Planetree faculty will identify practical strategies for implementing this important patient-preferred practice.

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A course by nurses for nursesSept(rev2)

6-week Virtual Nursing Course-What it takes to deliver patient-centered care at the bedside

Thursday, September 4, 2014, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

When: ​Virtual ​course ​every Thursday, ​September 4 ​- ​October 9, ​2014*
1:00-2:00 p.m. Eastern

Tuition: ​ ​ 
Non-member ​rate: ​$500 ​per ​person 

Planetree ​member*: ​$300 ​ ​per ​person 
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All ​learning ​will ​occur ​virtually ​from ​the ​comfort ​of ​your ​ own ​office ​or ​home. ​ ​To ​participate ​you ​will ​need ​to ​have ​a  ​computer, ​Internet ​access ​and ​an ​email ​address. 

Registered ​Nurses ​at ​the ​bedside, ​in ​leadership, ​education ​and ​ patient ​support ​services ​in ​practice ​across ​the ​continuum ​of ​ care. 

Course ​Components: 
- ​Virtual ​classroom ​learning ​(1 ​hour ​of ​on-line ​instruction/week ​for ​6 ​weeks) 
- ​All ​lectures ​will ​be ​recorded ​and ​made ​available ​within ​24 ​hours ​to ​enable ​those ​unable 
 ​ ​to ​participate ​in ​the ​live ​class ​to ​access ​the ​material ​on ​their ​own ​schedule 
- ​Independent ​reading ​and ​activities 
- ​Interactive ​on-line ​discussion ​with ​classmates 
-15 ​contact ​hours ​provided 

This ​6-week ​course ​will ​engage ​nurses ​in ​learning, ​discussion ​ and ​activities ​to ​enhance ​their ​understanding ​of ​what ​it ​means  ​to ​deliver ​patient-centered ​care ​and ​why ​it ​is ​important. ​ Developed ​and ​taught ​by ​advanced ​practice ​nurses, ​the ​course ​ draws ​on ​the ​instructors’ ​first-hand ​experience ​implementing ​the  ​Planetree ​model ​at ​the ​bedside. ​ ​The ​cumulative ​curriculum ​ dives ​deeply ​into ​the ​critical ​role ​that ​nurses ​play ​in ​ delivering ​a ​patient-centered ​care ​experience, ​emphasizing ​ practical ​strategies ​for ​putting ​patient-centered ​care ​into ​ practice ​in ​interactions ​with ​patients, ​family ​members ​and ​ fellow ​members ​of ​the ​care ​team. ​The ​course ​emphasizes ​ critical ​thinking, ​problem ​solving, ​reflection, ​clinical ​ judgment, ​along ​with ​an ​understanding ​of ​patient-centered ​care. ​ All ​are ​critical ​competencies ​for ​nurses ​today. Topics ​to ​be ​addressed: 

Implementation  ​of ​a ​patient-centered ​approach ​to ​patient ​engagement ​that ​ integrates ​best-practices ​with ​evidence ​based ​ approaches ​while ​ensuring ​that ​patients’ ​preferences ​and ​priorities ​are ​accommodated. 

Strategies  ​to ​empower ​patients ​and ​families ​and ​encourage ​their ​ participation ​in ​health ​care ​management ​and ​decision-making. ​

Processes ​for ​embedding ​compassion ​in ​care ​delivery. 

Methods ​for ​increasing ​teamwork ​in ​the ​health ​care ​setting. 

Tools ​and ​techniques ​of ​patient-centered ​quality ​improvement. ​

The ​ impact ​of ​the ​model ​on ​quality, ​safety, ​patient ​ satisfaction, workplace ​morale ​and ​other ​outcomes, ​including ​ hospital ​ acquired ​conditions ​(HACs) ​and ​readmission ​rates.

Course ​Objectives: 
Identify  ​the ​importance ​of ​utilizing ​evidence ​based ​research ​in ​health ​ care ​delivery ​and ​the ​evidence ​for ​patient ​centered ​care ​as ​ the ​preferred ​delivery ​method. 

Describe  ​how ​patient ​and ​family ​involvement ​in ​care ​promotes ​safety, ​ quality ​and ​cost ​effectiveness ​including ​decreased ​hospital ​ acquired ​conditions ​(HAC’s) ​and ​readmission ​rates. 

Demonstrate ​comprehensive ​understanding ​of ​the ​role ​of ​the ​RN, ​patient ​and ​family ​in ​patient ​centered ​care. 

Describe ​strategies ​to ​empower ​patients ​or ​families ​in ​all ​aspects ​of ​the ​health ​care ​process.

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Benefits of Stakeholder and Community Collaboration

Wednesday, September 17, 2014, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

Presented by David Neal, AIA, ACHA, SLAM

New project delivery methods including Integrated Project Design (IPD) and Design Assist, provide clearer communication lines that help improve the design process.  Time and cost savings are only part of the story.  Overall, the healthcare setting and patient-centered healing environment will benefit with an integrated design process.  Follow the collaborative design of several sensitive patient environments that asked patients and the community what they wanted the healing space to be in order to place the focus on the patients and on patient-centered care.  By including patients, family, care givers and builders in a process of discovery, unique design solutions were developed, linked to the institution’s culture and providing long-term market differentiation and a reinforced brand and building image.  At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of focus group involvement in design
  • Recognize the key aspects of integrating the healing community into your design approach
  • Develop process tools to reinforce the achievement of patient-centered space goals.

Cost for participation: 

Cost waived for Planetree Members
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Non-member individual pricing: $99 per participant (please use coupon code j6qq1yy)

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Dignity in Downsizing

Wednesday, September 24, 2014, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))


Presented by Melissa Thornburg, Planetree Experience Advisor

Maintaining a patient-centered culture in today’s healthcare environment is daunting under the best of circumstances and even more so when faced with financial pressures resulting in a reduction of force or downsizing, mergers or consolidation, and reassignment of staff due to other reasons. Additionally, shorter lengths of stay and an increase in ambulatory care services also contribute to the need for organizational change. This session will help introduce dignity in downsizing—proceeding with a purpose by having a plan that not only addresses supporting the staff who will leave the organization, but also those who will remain. How? By following the “PHD” of patient-centered care: Personalize, Humanize and Demystify. Before taking any action, the development of a thorough plan with significant Senior Leadership visibility, accessibility, reliability and transparency is important to the implementation of the plan, regrouping after the reduction is complete, and then moving forward with trust and employee engagement towards a successful future. Best practices from the National Performance Review Benchmarking Study, Serving the American Public: Best Practices in Downsizing (1997) and important steps to consider before, during and after the process from the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE, 2012) will be discussed and explored.

Cost for participation:

Cost waived for Planetree Members
(please use coupon code wf07lp5)

Non-member group pricing: $199 per call-in line
Non-member individual pricing: $99 per participant (please use coupon code j6qq1yy)

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