Developed by Planetree in partnership with Picker Institute, the Long-Term Care Improvement Guide was created in 2010 to propel long-term care communities in their improvement efforts.  Informed by focus groups with residents and staff, executive interviews, and a series of site visits to organizations with well-established resident-centered cultures, the Guide features more than 250 concrete strategies for actualizing a resident-directed, relationship-centered approach and demonstrates how culture change makes an impact on operational, clinical and financial outcomes.  The featured strategies apply to Independent, Assisted Living, Short-term Rehabilitation and Nursing Home environments and are not specific to any one culture change model.  The Guide is designed to supports beginner to advanced resident-centered cultures, with a self-assessment tool to help organizations prioritize initiatives and decide where to start, and stretch goals that challenge sites to take change efforts to even greater heights.  Beyond a compendium of practices, the Guide also examines a defined process for engaging all stakeholders in creating, implementing and anchoring a community vision for change.  A myths and facts section dispels many common misconceptions about resident-centered care.

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This Guide is designed as a practical resource for health care organizations that are striving to become more patient-centered. It contains best practices and practical implementation tools contributed by hospitals from across the United States. The Self-Assessment Tool can help identify and prioritize opportunities for introducing patient-centered approaches into your organization.





Frampton S, Guastello S, Brady C, Hale M, Horowitz S, Bennett Smith S, Stone S. Patient-Centered Care Improvement Guide. Derby, Connecticut: Planetree; October 2008.

This Guide was funded by Picker Institute, an international non-profit organization that supports research in the field of patient-centered care.

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