Planetree Recruitment Page

Through innovation and high impact collaboration Planetree is fulfilling its mission to transform the health care experience around the globe.  Our diverse team is made up of savvy, vibrant people who are passionate about inspiring and coaching caregivers. We embody a powerful combination of know-how and heartfelt purpose that fuels our mission and never fails to change the industry paradigm.









Planetree Core Values

Be Real

  • We will conduct ourselves with integrity
  • Lead from your heart
  • Be deeply authentic
  • Live in the moment
  • Practice humility
  • Risk being vulnerable

While maintaining a sense of purpose and a sense of humor

Be Courageously Engaged

We will be transparent and interact with all people in all situations with the expectation that we will listen to and learn from everyone.

  •  Listen generously
  • Show appreciation for others’ contributions
  • Practice compassionate honesty
  • Come from a place of curiosity, not judgment
  • Honor separate realities
  • Exhibit unyielding ownership.

While asking yourself, as Laura Gilpin always did, “How do you want to be remembered?”

 Be Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts

We will perform as a team and take initiative to lend support and expertise in order to maximize our collective potential to fulfill Planetree’s mission.

  •  Be cooperative and dependable
  • Practice high impact collaboration
  • Offer new ideas. Do and share- always advance the mission
  • Willingly share knowledge
  • Anticipate needs and be prepared
  • Act nimbly. Exude positive energy
  • Celebrate and honor effort.

While inspiring, challenging, and supporting each other to be our best and sustain our effort

 Be Extraordinary

We will aim for excellence in all our endeavors.

  •  Drive meaningful outcomes
  • Be a lifelong learner
  • Passionately serve
  • Be an active agent for positive change
  • Strive to exceed expectations
  • Share skills, talents, passions and resources across boundaries

While continuously seeking out opportunities to re-define what it means to be extraordinary

If we have an open position, you’ve read our core values and you were nodding your head and smiling, thinking, “this is me,” We would love to interview you. Because our people are core to all we do, our hiring process is designed to reflect our collaborative culture. Candidates can meet with a variety of Planetree staff so that we can get to know our candidates and they can get to know us in return.


Meet Members Team Planetree

Lorena Bedoya

Field Operations Specialist

Hometown: Quito, Ecuador – South America



Why did you decide to come to work for Planetree?
I worked with Planetree from 2002 to 2004 and returned in 2011, and in the seven years I was gone from Planetree, I realized that I would never find another job like it. The kind of work we do to change healthcare and service for our patients, families, and caregivers. The enthusiasm and the passion that exists in every single one of us that work for Planetree is something I’ve never seen or experienced.

Why do you like working for Planetree?
I don’t like working for Planetree, I LOVE working for Planetree because the work that I do has a meaning and it’s helping to change healthcare worldwide. The first time I set foot in Planetree was actually as a temp employee for a temp agency in August 2001. The two months that I was assigned to help Susan’s assistant, Donna Perry, at the time, were enough for me to know that that was exactly what I wanted to do in my life. Learning the kind of work and service Planetree offered by Donna Perry and Laura Gilpin was my motivation to go back to school and find my career to someday be part of such a great organization like Planetree, not knowing that I’d come back as Susan’s assistant to work for the same organization that made me fall in love with the kind of work that we do.

What cool projects have you worked on?
I came back to Planetree in July 2011 as the Field Operations Specialist for the VA National Contract and the work that we’ve done has been absolutely inspirational and beyond extraordinary! Working to transform healthcare for our Veterans has been such an honor as well as an amazing experience. The wonderful people that work for the VA have such passion and enthusiasm to see this transformation happen that it is contagious and encouraging.

Share an amazing experience you’ve had working at Planetree
I’ve had many amazing experiences working at Planetree, but one that comes to mind the most was meeting Angie Thieriot at the 2003 Planetree Conference in Seattle, WA. Angie and I actually had a conversation in Spanish as we’re both from South America. I told her how amazed I was for everything Planetree meant and how honored I was to be part of it and we both agreed that we would like for Planetree, to someday, be spread in South America as well. Here we are eight years later, with one South American affiliated hospital and it’s a Designated Hospital which makes me so proud!


Alan Manning
Vice President of Operations
Hometown: Cork, Ireland



Why did you decide to come to work for Planetree?

Planetree was the perfect fusion of my professional experience and personal passion.  The role I assume at Planetree is right in line with my previous experience- overseeing the operational components of a rapidly growing membership based organization.  The mission of Planetree is a personal passion for me after caring for a critically ill child.  After an extended period at the bedside in a Pediatric ICU, my wife and I started a not-for-profit organization to support patients, families and care-givers in the hopes of “taking the edge off” for those in difficult circumstances.  When I learned about Planetree and what they do, I knew it was where I wanted to take the next chapter of my career.

Why do you like working for Planetree?

What’s not to like?  Every day I get to do work that supports the realization of a patient-centered healthcare experience for more and more patients and families. Working alongside a group of fun and passionate individuals, I get to positively impact the world.  I personally don’t get to make significant change in healthcare…but I enjoy being the person behind the person behind the person that makes the change.   We all have our roles on a team!  As a father and husband, I am proud to be able to explain what I do to others- given that fact, while I work really hard, I don’t feel like I’ve had a “job” since my first day at Planetree.  I want to come in, I want to do my best, and I want to support positive change in any way I can.

What cool projects have you worked on?

Given my role behind the scenes, the type of projects I work on are different than many others in the organization.  I get to create structures and process that support an efficient and effective implementation of our services. Most notably, I have been part of implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that will allow us to more deeply engage with our members. I also facilitated a group of colleagues that articulated the core values that our organization has lived but never memorialized.  In general, I get excited to provide staff with resources and support that they need to continue their inspirational work in the field.

 Share an amazing experience you’ve had working at Planetree.

I am relatively new to the organization, but yet I feel like I have had so many meaningful experiences.  From meeting thought leaders in the healthcare field to helping create the ultimate conference experience for over 1,100 of our members, I feel like I’ve had one amazing experience after another during my time with the organization.  If I had to highlight one experience that truly stands out for me, it would be participating in the development of the organizations core values. To be part of representing the core ethos of an organization with such rich history was humbling.  I was honored to be able to create a set of values that appropriately represented who the organization is and what it believes.  While there have been many exciting interactions or meaningful professional experiences, being part of the core values development team allowed me to be part of honoring our past while also defining our future.


Gillian Cappiello

Senior Consultation Services Specialist
Hometown: Hertfordshire, England 


Why did you decide to come to work for Planetree?

It was all about the people, just the idea of being able to work alongside amazingly talented people who are Planetree, to always be with like-minded, dedicated individuals who believe and live this mission.

Why do you like working for Planetree?

The best thing is knowing that each and every day lives are changed for the better as a result of experiencing patient-centered caring. The biggest joy for me in this work comes with being on site, engaged with employees at all levels of the organization, with patients and their families, learning about the goals for this organization and this community, and their vision of the experience. Then supporting them to accomplish their dream.

What cool projects have you worked on?

The VA National Contract is right up there as one of the coolest ever; helping the VA systematize their approach to delivering patient-centered care to those who sacrificed so much for this country, and deserve the best care, and best caring anywhere.

Share an amazing experience you’ve had working at Planetree

I never cease to be amazed at the creative ways patient-centered care manifests differently at each site, and ultimately to hear, see and feel when patient-centered care is no longer just the words to describe an aspiration, but is so deeply embedded, it has become just who they are. As one staff member recently told me during an on-site Progress Assessment, “When we first heard about Planetree it was a concept, and now over time it has come part of the culture.”