Quality Evaluation & Research

Planetree independently and collaboratively conducts research on healthcare quality, and also provides research and evaluation consultation to partners in academic, practice, and policy forums.  Healthcare organizations following the Planetree philosophy are internationally recognized as living laboratories of patient-centered care, modeling and educating healthcare stakeholders on the meaning and implications of patient-centered excellence.  This expanding global network of Planetree affiliates offers unique opportunities for translational research and for the evaluation of patient-centered care and healthcare quality across the continuum of care settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living communities, behavioral health settings, and the full spectrum of Veteran’s Administration centers.  These opportunities include the development and testing of patient-centered measures of care, the identification of best patient-centered care practices, the performance of individual and aggregate analyses of quantitative and qualitative data on healthcare provider performance, and worldwide collaboration on grant funding opportunities.

Planetree’s research team is led by Drs. Michael Lepore and Jill Harrison.

Dr. Michael Lepore is Planetree’s Director of Quality, Research, & Evaluation, and an Investigator in Health Services, Policy & Practice at Brown University. Michael’s recent scientific publications, appearing in The Gerontologist, Archives of Internal Medicine, and Journal of Palliative Medicine, address racial differences in hospice use, the socio-economic and geographic patterns of nursing home closures, and the relationship between nursing home staffing and hospice use in the nursing home. During 2012, Michael is collaborating with a diverse group of Planetree affiliates to pilot test an organizational measure of person-centered long-term care.

Dr. Jill Harrison is Planetree’s Research Consultation Specialist, a position which combines research design, data analysis, and performance reporting with consultation, education, and training to Planetree members including front-line staff, physicians, managers, executive teams, and boards of directors on a variety of topics related to culture transformation.  Jill completed her postdoctoral fellowship, funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), at Brown University’s Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research.  More recently, Jill served as an Investigator at Women and Infants hospital in Rhode Island where she worked on a collaborative project with researchers at Brown University to study advance care planning and social network support among women with metastatic cancers.

Contact information for Dr. Lepore:
Michael Lepore, PhD
Director of Quality, Research, & Evaluation



Contact information for Dr. Harrison:
Jill Harrison, PhD
Research Consultation Specialist