Designated Sites


The Planetree Designation Program was launched in 2007, and since that time numerous health care organizations in four countries have achieved the designation. All designation decisions are made by an independent committee whose membership includes individuals with extensive experience with such organizations as the American Hospital Association, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and The Joint Commission, among others. Designation decisions are made on a blinded basis and are based on a review of policies and practices in place at applicant site, as demonstrated by written documentation and verified by patient, resident, family and staff focus group


Planetree Designated® Sites:

Bannehof  (Rivas Zorggroep)

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Barton County Memorial Hospital

Barton County Memorial Hospital is a 25 bed critical access hospital located in Lamar, Missouri.  Please click here for more information.

Care Center, Huize Loôn

Huize Loôn Care Center at Overloon offers residents a comfortable and warm environment where they can feel at home as a result of its small scaled, home-like setting.  Situated in the center of the village, Huize Loôn includes many locals among their staff and volunteers which makes for a strong attachment to the Overloon community.  In addition to the 34 care units, Huize Loôn has a small unit providing care and attention for eight residents suffering from psychogeriatric illness. Next to this unit, 40 resident care apartments are home to those who are still very independent but benefit from the support and activities available through the care center.  Huize Loôn is part of the Pantein Care Centers, consisting of the Care Center, Home Care and Maas Hospital Pantein—a total of nine care and nine support centers in Northern Brabant that are fundamental to elderly living in care centers or resident homes and the chronically ill in need of care and support. Pantein feels responsible and wants to contribute to the personal health and well-being of their community.

Care Center, Op’t Hoogveld

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Carolinas Medical Center-Mercy

Carolinas Medical Center- Mercy is a 185 bed adult acute care facility located in the Elizabeth community of central Charlotte, North Carolina. CMC-Mercy adopted the Planetree philosophy of personalized care that places the patient at the forefront of the healthcare journey in 2008.  Please click here for more information.

Central Peninsula Hospital

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Centre de réadaptation Estrie (CRE)

The first Canadian institution to adopt the Planetree model, the Centre de réadaptation Estrie (CRE) is based in Sherbrooke, Quebec (Canada). At the CRE, we are dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals with motor, hearing, visual, language or speech impairments. We use all our knowledge, know-how and people-oriented skills to offer care and rehabilitation services in a specialized environment that respects people in their physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions. We mostly offer outpatient care, with the exception of a 12-bed rehabilitation unit.  Please click here for more information.

Columbia Memorial Hospital

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Delnor Glen Senior Living

Delnor Hospital

Delnor Hospital is a leader in providing comprehensive, cutting edge medicine within a culture that fosters some of the highest patient, physician and employee satisfaction in the nation.   The hospital’s 400-plus member Medical Staff features physicians representing more than 70 specialties and sub-specialists, and Delnor’s nursing staff recently was the first non-academic medical center in the state of Illinois to earn Magnet Nursing Re-designation, the American Nurses Association’s highest honor for nursing excellence.  Currently Delnor ranks among the top ten percent of hospitals nationwide for patient satisfaction, according to an independent national market research firm.  Please click here for more information.

De Alblashof (Rivas Zorggroep)

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De Hollehof (Sevagram)

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De Kiekendief (Rivas Zorrgroep)

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De Markt (Rivas Zorggroep)

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De Merlinge

De Merlinge is a small-scale living group for twelve elderly with psychogeriatric disorders. It is part of a residential and shopping complex where 97 elderly can live independently, possibly with home care. Arkel Village (with a population of 3500 residents and part of the municipality of Giessenlanden, together with six other villages) has in this way a setting where people can live in their own village and get good care and support. Situated on the ground floor of the complex, De Merlinge comprises two groups of six residents each.  “As much like home as possible” is shaped by neighbors, family and staff by sharing a household together, thereby maximizing joint shopping, cooking, washing, ironing, etc.  Please click here for more information.

De Schutse (Rivas Zorggroep)

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De Waalburcht (Rivas Zorggroep)

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De Wieken

De Wieken, part of Rivas Zorggroep, is a nursing home in Papendrecht and provides care for 60 patients with dementia disorders.  The nursing home is built like a street with small houses, each home to ten patients. The street, which is in fact the corridor, offers facilities for walking, sitting and enjoying the company of family or other residents. The street also features facilities such as a restaurant, a museum and an activity centre for hobbies. In addition, it serves as a place for staging exhibitions with paintings, display cabinets with collections, etc.  This so-called street has been done up like a park with benches and corners with plants, birdsong CDs and pets. There is also a little shop where groceries and day-to-day shopping are available for the ten-resident households living in each section of the building.  Besides cooking and other housekeeping activities, De Wieken offers a lot of Planetree-oriented spa activities such as aromatherapy, hand and body massage and a wide variety of social activities such as walks, trips to watch a choir and religious services.  Family members, volunteers and professionals work closely together to offer the best they possibly can for the residents. One of the most important elements is writing and visualizing the lifeline of the residents in the lifecycle and lifestyle book. It is recognized to be one of the best ways to connect with the resident’s history and understand most with regard to his or her motivations and choices made in life events. Featuring stories, pictures and more, this book is an important resource for maintaining the life as it was lived in the past and the transfer to things happening in real time.  De Wieken is situated in a suburban area, close to Papendrecht’s border. There is a close collaboration with other Rivas sites in Papendrecht itself and in nearby villages. These sites provide each other with services and staff, including doctors, therapists and nursing staff. De Wieken is the guide for two other sites in Papendrecht in the Planetree Designation process.

Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre-Jewish Eldercare Center

Elmhurst Memorial Hospital

Elmhurst Memorial Hospital is a 259 bed hospital in Elmhurst, Illinois.  Please click here for more information.

Fauquier Hospital

In 2007, Fauquier Hospital became one of the first five Planetree Designated® facilities in the country. A leader in patient-centered care then, Fauquier Hospital is still at the forefront of the movement today, enlisting Planetree principles in ever new and innovative ways. Located in Warrenton, Virginia, Fauquier Hospital is the centerpiece of Fauquier Health, a non-profit community health system. The 97-bed hospital is dedicated to high-quality, patient-centered care in a beautiful, healing environment where the individuality of every patient is recognized and respected. When the hospital was renovated and expanded in 2001, it was constructed using Planetree ideals. Renovations that have been completed since have benefitted from the same patient-centered focus. Patients are offered spacious, soothing facilities, thoughtfully designed and decorated with natural features to further the healing process. Staff members – clinical and non-clinical – are taught from their first day how to weave Planetree ideology into their daily work lives. Fauquier Hospital was voted “Best Place to Work” by Warrenton Lifestyle magazine four years in a row.  Although patient satisfaction scores are among the best in the region, Fauquier Health strives every day to find new ways to personalize patient care. Offering a full complement of medical services, the hospital operates a newly renovated state-of-the-art 33-bed Emergency Department and a Family Birthing Center, where new mothers can labor and deliver in the same comforting, home-like setting.  Fauquier Hospital’s mission is to restore, promote and maintain the health of the community. Vitally concerned with the health of our neighbors, in 2009 Fauquier Health provided $11.8 million in community benefit support to residents of Fauquier County and beyond.


Flevo Hospital is a 368-bed general hospital situated in a city founded on land regained from the sea. In 1990, six years after the city was founded, the hospital started with 180 beds for the 78,000 inhabitants. Twenty years later, the hospital has grown to a medium sized hospital for 188,000 inhabitants in a still rapid growing city.  Please click here for more information.

Gemini Ziekenhuis

Gemini Hospital is a general hospital in the North West of Holland at the port of Den Helder, a unique location overlooking the North Sea. Gemini Hospital was the first Dutch hospital to implement the Planetree philosophy in June 2007. The hospital considers all its employees to be caregivers, whether providing hands-on care for patients or working in administrations or transport. Therefore, all new employees experience the Planetree training, provided by mentors who work in the Gemini Hospital themselves. In 2009 a one-day-training ‘carousel’ was introduced in addition to the basic training. This was considered a unique training method in Holland. Employees personally experienced a full day of complementary care.  Quality Care is very important for Gemini Hospital management. The hospital embraces the Planetree patient-centered care approach, putting patients first.  Since 2007, several group sessions with both employees and patients have been organised to improve patient-centered care as well as to continue the personal development of employees. Participants are enabled through freedom of speech, in safe surroundings, to give suggestions to hospital management. Surveys on patient satisfaction show significant higher scores ever since and have also led to the NIAZ-certificate of quality renewal in June 2011, needless to say something that Gemini Hospital is very proud of.

Gemini Hospital is currently making preparations to open its doors to a new hospital building in 2014, where patients and visitors as well as employees feel at home.

Gezondheidscentrum Notekraker (Zorggroep Almere)

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Good Samaritan Hospital

Griffin Hospital

Located in Southern Connecticut, Griffin Hospital is a 160-bed acute-care hospital serving a growing six town region.  Griffin Hospital’s mission is to provide personalized, humanistic, consumer-driven health care in a healing environment; to empower individuals to be actively involved in decisions affecting their care and well-being through access to information and education; and to provide leadership to improve the health of the community it serves.  Please click here for more information.

Het Gasthuis

Het Gasthuis literally means guesthouse and is an ancient name for hospitals (Het Gasthuis goes back to the year 1321). The new building is located near the hospital and the nursing home has 163 residents. They differ in their need of caring and nursing. Some are in a revalidation program and are expected to leave within three months. Others are in units for long term care or in specialized units for intensive nursing care like terminal care or respiration and ventilation.

Het Gasthuis has an own little shop for residents supporting them with housekeeping and cooking.

Het Gasthuis is one of the three expertise locations for specialized care as well for somatic clients as for patients with dementia. For both groups Rivas developed several programs. The unit for respiration therapy is very intensive in care. Special attention is paid to communications in very different ways using internet facilities and computer programs. This unit has a supra-regional function because the high costs and the trained staff needed.

Het Gasthuis started an inspiring program for patients with Alzheimer disease based on theories regarding over- or under stimulation. It is called BOM (brain and surrounding methods). Staff members in the region Gorinchem look for opportunities like BOM to linger this into Planetree filosofy. This because the surrounding and staff behaviour is the key issue to this approach. BOM method is offered to family members, volunteers, care givers and staff.

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

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Judith Leysterhof

Judith Leysterhof in Hardinxveld-Giessendam was founded with the vision that it should feel like home for psychogeriatric residents. It is designed to provide a clear, warm, safe and familiar environment in which staff, residents, family and friends form a household. By having this household together, everyone contributes to the daily activities. This helps to increase the feeling of self-esteem, dignity and respect for residents and to support each other. To energize the homely atmosphere the residents live together in groups of six, each with their own room.  Please click here for more information.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center

Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland, Washington is proud to be the latest hospital to earn the prestigious Planetree Designation status. Kadlec is a 270 bed hospital serving as a regional referral center for patients in southeast Washington and northeast Oregon. Because of our large geographic service area, the principles of Planetree are vital to meeting the needs of Kadlec patients. Whether it’s a family facing open heart surgery, or a tiny infant born several weeks premature, we are committed to patient-centered care.  Please click here for more information.

Longmont United Hospital

Longmont United Hospital  is a 201-bed, full service, community hospital with specialty areas in Women’s and Children’s Services, Cardiology, Comprehensive Surgical Services, Cancer Care, Emergency and Trauma Services, Orthopedic Services, and Neurosurgery. It offers quality inpatient and outpatient health care services in addition to 24-hour emergency department services. The Emergency Department is a Level III trauma center that has the capacity to treat approximately 45,000 patients each year.  Please click here for more information.

Mid Columbia Medical Center

In 2007, MCMC was honored with the Designated Planetree Patient-Centered Hospital designation from Planetree, Inc. This designation recognizes MCMC’s achievement and innovation in fostering a culture within the hospital that prioritizes patient comfort, dignity, empowerment and well-being.  Please click here for more information.


Molenhoek literally means Mill Corner. In the heart of the old part of Gorinchem there were a number of mills for grinding flour or pumping water. Nowadays only one remains in one of the bastions in the city wall. It has lent its name to this small-scale home for 20 Rivas patients with dementia. The mill is visible from residents’ windows, and before the door lies the centre of town with all its facilities and services such as shops, restaurants, library.

The architect has produced a great Planetree performance building, a facility that on the outside looks to be three different houses with their own façade and appearance. The interior is one 3-storey house for twenty residents.

Each floor offers group facilities and its own bedroom and bathroom for each of the patients. All caring and nursing is based on family values, ensuring residents, family volunteers and staff feel as at home as possible. Optimum health and living together with good medical and nursing attention is a complex and challenging achievement.

Molenhoek works together with another Rivas Facility; in fact, they are neighbours. Steijndeld lies just across the street and offers housing and care to 65 other Rivas clients. Molenhoek can use services from Steijndeld such as night-time support from nursing staff, safety back-up, meals and cleaning if necessary. Molenhoek has some patios but can use its neighbour’s garden as well. The garden and terrace lie on the bank of the River Linge, which flows through Gorinchem and is one of the most picturesque rivers in Holland.

Molenhoek is one of the sites in the Rivas organization pioneering Planetree. They were early starters in small-scale service-provision. They had to wait a long time before the facility could be built because there were not that many opportunities to build in the city centre. Now this dream, held by a good number of Gorinchem residents, has become a reality. Living in the city centre with all the care, nursing and medical attention you could need.

Molenhoek is Steijndeld’s partner in the designation process and they have now made their mark.

New York Presbyterian Hospital-Westchester Division

New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Westchester Division is honored to be the first behavioral health facility to earn Planetree Designation status. Part of Weill Cornell’s prestigious Department of Psychiatry at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, the Westchester Division offers a full continuum of comprehensive psychiatric care for children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly in inpatient and ambulatory settings.

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Northern Westchester Hospital

Founded in 1916, Northern Westchester Hospital (NWH) is a not-for-profit, 233-bed, all private-room facility in Mount Kisco, New York serving residents of Northern Westchester, Putnam and Southern Dutchess Counties, and portions of Fairfield County, CT.  The hospital has long been recognized as one of the region’s premier healthcare providers, offering state-of-the-art care in a warm and nurturing community environment for all area residents regardless of their health insurance status or ability to pay for medical care. NWH is a member of the New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System and is affiliated with Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and Weill-Cornell Medical College.  These relationships offer patients access to a wide range of advanced expertise, research and clinical trials in their own community.  NWH is also one of four members of the Stellaris Health Network, which helps achieve operating efficiencies that enable member hospitals to enhance delivery of high quality healthcare services.  Please click here for more information.

Piushof (Sevagram)

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Platte Valley Medical Center

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Rivas Zorghotel

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Sharp Coronado Hospital and Health Care Center

Sharp Coronado Hospital and Health Care Center is a 204-bed acute-care hospital located in the island community of Coronado, just across the bay from downtown San Diego, and provides medical and surgical care, intensive care, sub-acute and long-term care, rehabilitation therapies and emergency services in a peaceful physical setting.  Sharp Coronado has a proud of history of providing convenient, award-winning health care to the community for more than 75 years.  As the only Planetree partner hospital in San Diego County, and one of just five hospitals nationwide to receive the Planetree Patient-Centered Hospital Designation, Sharp Coronado promotes holistic healing by focusing on patient empowerment, patient and family education and complementary therapies. Additionally, Sharp Coronado is a part of Sharp HealthCare, which has been recognized for quality excellence with the 2007 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.  Please click here for more information.

Sharp Memorial Hospital

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Shore Medical Center

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Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital

Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital is a 25 bed acute care hospital located in Reed City, Michigan that has adopted the Planetree approach to care giving. A model of patient centered care in a healing environment, staff is committed to improving medical care from the patient’s perspective, empowering patients and families through education, information and encouraging healing partnerships with caregivers. Please click here for more information

Stamford Hospital


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‘t Waellant

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The Toonladder is a residential care center for small-scale living in Almere, the fastest growing city in the Netherlands.  The Toonladder is part of Zorggroep Almere (Care Group Almere), the largest healthcare institution in the city.  The care group is an umbrella organization of primary health care (through 23 district health centers), care for the elderly. and home care in Almere. In the Toonladder, living, care and well-being go hand in hand. Housing and care are separated. The residents rent their homes from a housing association, but are provided with care by the employees of the Toonladder.  Please click here for more information.


Tiendwaert Nursing Home is a small nursing home with thirty residents who have a form of dementia and twenty residents who have a physical disability. They live in six resident groups (with shared living room, adjacent to a patio) of six to ten clients with each resident having his or her own room.  Tiendwaert has a warm and relaxed atmosphere in which involvement and individual attention are of primary importance. It is a home for residents.  Staff are their guests and must conduct themselves accordingly. For that reason, attention is constantly focused on providing a sense of being at home, so that the resident feels safe and secure.  The residents occupy themselves with day-to-day things and this ties in with what they were used to. Apart from doing household chores and shopping in the little shop, this naturally involves being engaged in hobbies and taking care of a pet. Several residents enjoy working in the vegetable garden.  All residents can use the Spa Room and the Sanctuary. This gives them the opportunity to enjoy some peace and quiet, either alone or with companions. A variety of benches and terraces surround Tiendwaert enable residents to enjoy the beautiful landscape.  Family and friends are involved in the day-to-day activities as much as possible. At Tiendwaert there is the option of “rooming in” if intensive care is offered to the resident. All staff are kept abreast of residents’ wishes and together with the family they see to it that these are fulfilled. Thus a wish photo album has been compiled charting all elements of Planetree. This too fulfilled a resident’s wish.  The staff, residents, family, treatment practitioner and team leaders often discuss the appropriate care. Plenty of attention is devoted to openness toward one another, which creates an enjoyable atmosphere and ensures everybody’s talents are appreciated. Even volunteers do their bit in this regard by going the extra mile. And this special attention to the individual is precisely what people come here for.

Valkenheim (Sevagram)

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Valley View

Valley View is an 80-bed community-owned facility in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  After affiliating with Planetree in 2000, each staff member, physician and volunteer has taken the mission of patient-centered care to heart.  Valley View became a Planetree Designated Patient-Centered Hospital in 2007 and was Re-Designated in 2010 and 2013.  Please click here for more information.


De Vijverhof is a small unit for 13 residents with psychogeriatric disorders. It is part of a complex that offers individual housing and services (including home health care) for about 150 senior citizens. The unit is divided into two groups (6 and 7) each with its own facilities. It is situated on the ground floor with a private garden and sheltered patio.  The building is located in the small medieval village of Nieuwpoort, part of the community of Liesveld which lies in the middle of a typical Dutch polder area in the so called Groene Hart (“Green Heart”) region of the Netherlands.  The community provides a lot of support in terms of both facilities and voluntary support, knowing that these things are absolute necessary to have and maintain a facility like De Vijverhof in this rural area. There are few shops and therefore bakers, a fisherman, a milkman and butchers often run mobile shops moving from one village to the other. This makes it possible to stay in your own environment when you age and become dependent on care and nursing.  In return, De Vijverhof offers as much medical and home health care services as are needed on a 24/7 schedule. This includes (specialized) visiting nurses, advice, laboratory services and mother and baby care.  There is close cooperation with local family doctors (in the same building) on the basis of mutual support and interest. Living in the “Polder” means a lot of car miles and travelling time for visiting nurses, especially in the evening and at night. Vijverhof is one of six Rivas sites in this “Polder” district, which together form a support network for home health care.

The residents in each group share facilities such as a garden, living room, kitchen and laundry. Besides these things, each of them has his or her own apartment room with his or her own furniture and a bathroom. At the same time they can use other facilities in the building such as a library, restaurant, theatre and meeting room.  The daily program and style of living is “as homely as possible.”  Personal attention plays a significant role in this regard, just as it does in entirely day-to-day activities. Helping residents whenever possible with little tasks such as preparing a warm meal, doing a little bit of laundry and shopping with support of the staff and volunteers preserves the normal life residents usually had prior to coming here.  In addition to these things, there are various activities for the residents, such as trips, games, singing and walking. Four times a year a special eating-out-at-home theme is held.


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Waverly Health Center

For more than 100 years, patients have looked to Waverly Health Center for their health care needs and have found a hospital filled with compassionate, trustworthy caregivers. In 2003, WHC joined Planetree to become part of a movement to transform health care delivery from the patient’s perspective. Planetree Patient-Centered Care Designation was obtained in June 2009 making the health center the first Critical Access Hospital in the nation and the first hospital in Iowa to receive the prestigious designation.  Please click here for more information.

Windber Medical Center

Windber Medical Center has transitioned its rich history into a unique 54 bed community facility. WMC is recognized for its state of the art technology, integrative medicine, and patient-centered care delivered by employees who understand the true meaning of holistic care.  Please click here for more information.

Woonzorgcentrum Archipel (Zorggroep Almere) 

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Zephyr (Zorggroep Almere)

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