Suggested Ways to Celebrate Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month

Suggested Ways to Celebrate Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month

PCCAM logoPatient-Centered Care Awareness Month is an international awareness-building campaign to commemorate the progress that has been made toward making patient-centered care a reality and to build momentum for further progress.  This October will mark the ninth annual Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month, and healthcare organizations and patient groups around the world will be participating in the campaign.

With the theme “Healthcare’s Brave New World: Patient-Centered Care,”  this year’s Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month campaign promotes courageous engagement in healthcare.  Each organization is encouraged to personalize how you commemorate the month. Here are just a few ideas of ways you promote courageous engagement – at a personal level, an organizational level and within the larger community.

  1. Spotlight the work of your Patient and Family Partnership Council on your web site or on a prominent display board.  Thank them for their contributions and highlight just a couple of the ways the council has driven change within your organization.  If you don’t have a Patient and Family Partnership Council, start mapping out a plan to create one!
  2. Share what it means to you to be a #BravePatient. Invite members of your Patient and Family Partnership Council to do the same.  Capture their comments on video and post them on your Web site and social media channels.  Planetree posed this question to members of our Patient and Family Partnership Council and the responses were illuminating! #BravePatient article
  3. Host an open house for patients and families with the theme of courageous engagement.  Make available tools from the Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month Toolkit and provide information on specific ways patients can engage, for instance signing up for the patient portal, identifying a care partner and documenting their personal preferences for their healthcare.
  4. Display the Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month logo on your organization’s web site and social media channels to promote your participation in the month and your organization’s patient-centric programs.
  5. Write a letter to the editor of the local paper describing your organization’s commitment to patient-centered care.  Better yet, co-author the piece with a member of your patient and family partnership council. Planetree I Am An Expert
  6. Make a commitment to start meetings during the month of October by sharing a story of courageous engagement.
  7. Courageously engage in a conversation with your loved ones about end-of-life care preferences.
  8. Invite local and state elected officials to tour your organization.  Use the opportunity to showcase patient-centered care in action.
  9. Distribute “I am an expert about me” stickers to patients and “I am listening” stickers to staff to reinforce that courageous engagement is a two-way street. Planetree I Am Listening
  10. Host a meeting with local patient advocates to identify opportunities for collaboration.

As you consider these ideas (and invariably come up with many more), download the free Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month toolkit here.  The toolkit includes communication tools, the logo and more to support you in building momentum for the month in your organization.

In addition, register for the three PlaneSolutions webinars being in October, each focusing on a different interpretation of courageous engagement in healthcare:

October 7, 1:00-2:00 PM (ET)
Understanding and Enhancing Organizational Vitality

October 21, 1:00-2:00 PM (ET)
Having Courageous Conversations with Compassion

October 28, 1:00-2:00 PM (ET)
Powered by Patients: Using Qualitative Data to Build the Case for Patient-Centered Care

And finally, be a part of the Patient-Centered Care Awareness Activities at the Planetree Conference, October 11-14 in Boston.  There is no shortage of ways to be a part of the action.  Find out more at

To learn more about Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month and download the toolkit, go to