Planetree Announces Partnership with Empathetics, Inc. to Bring Empathy Training to Planetree Members

Planetree Announces Partnership with Empathetics, Inc. to Bring Empathy Training to Planetree Members


In October 2015, Planetree announced a new partnership with Empathetics, Inc. to bring empathy training to Planetree designated hospitals and members. Dr. Susan Frampton, President of Planetree, states, “This compelling information, delivered in a variety of modalities, meets the needs of clinicians and has powerful potential to transform care delivery and ensure that safe, high quality care is provided with caring and kindness. Planetree looks forward to partnering with Empathetics to successfully engage clinicians in empathy skills training with a scientific foundation.”

Interpersonal Communications Education to Improve Healthcare

Empathetics, founded by Dr. Helen Riess of Massachusetts General Hospital, offers scientifically based empathy eLearning proven to optimize interpersonal engagement. Using self-paced, CME/CE-accredited online education, participants learn the basic science of emotional connections with others. The education teaches how to detect and manage the emotional states of patients and how to respond with empathy and compassion, even in difficult interactions. Video vignettes enhance appreciation of the implicit emotional states in others. The education also teaches emotional self-management skills with specific techniques that can be easily incorporated into a medical professionals’ daily routine.

Value to Healthcare Providers:

  • Learn the value and practice of empathy based on the neuroscience of emotion and increase patient satisfaction
  • Understand patient satisfaction’s link to higher HCAHPS and CG-CAHPS scores
  • Learn how to increase effectiveness and efficiency with patients
  • Learn how best to convey difficult news effectively and compassionately
  • Learn how to provide interpersonal and inter-professional feedback constructively
  • Learn to decode emotional facial expressions in others
  • Increase clinician job satisfaction and reduce burnout

Key Objectives of Empathy and Interpersonal Skills Training

  • Improve awareness of emotional states in others
  • Improve emotional self-awareness
  • Improve self-regulation in emotionally charged interactions
  • Appreciate the cognitive, affective, and behavioral components of empathy
  • Maintain an empathic stance in difficult circumstances
  • Understand that empathy involves communicating truth compassionately
  • Distinguish true empathy from misguided empathy

To learn more about how your hospital can utilize the Empathetics training approach to create a culture of empathy at your organization, please contact Randall Carter at and 541-965-1922.

Also, be sure to register for the January 6th PlaneSolutions webinar The Case for Empathy, presented by Dr. Reiss.