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How do you best receive information?
By Susan Frampton, PhD, President, Planetree

Susan Frampton headshot Oct 2013 med resIn this installment of Planetalk, we feature a number of exceptional organizations that are each doing their part to create a more patient-centered healthcare system.  You’ll read about a physician practice in the San Diego area that has truly transformed how patients and family members are engaged, and about Planetree Bronze-recognized Bayhealth Medical Center, which earlier this year was also recognized as a Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality.  We’re so proud of Bayhealth Medical Center – and of all the organizations we work with (at last count, more than 700!).  Your organizations are the ones palpably transforming individuals’ experiences with the healthcare system.  Within these organizations, this change is driven forward by internal changemakers.  In this Planetalk installment, you’ll read the perspectives of two such changemakers. Marge Rogan, an experienced Planetree Coordinator at the VA Medical Center in Northport, NY will share her very practical perspective on what it takes to be effective in that role. And Dr. Benjamin Zigun from Griffin Hospital has contributed part two of his piece on empathy and leadership.

As a compilation and celebration of member stories, exemplary practices and successes, this installment of Planetalk really embodies the spirit of what this publication has represented since its beginnings. While the look and format have evolved over the years, the intent has remained the same: provide information and inspiration that will fuel patient-centered improvement efforts.

Another evolution we’ve all experienced over the last several years is a change in how we collectively seek out and digest information. You’ve shared with us (and we’ve experienced ourselves) that the daily pace of life – especially the daily pace of life of healthcare personnel! – can make it very difficult to read, absorb, and take action on information in a newsletter sent to you every couple of months.

For that reason, Planetree has taken a page from our own “playbook.”  Part of a patient-centered approach to care is soliciting patients’ preferences on how to receive information, and having available a range of educational and informational resources to accommodate those preferences. We’ve done the same, and gotten feedback on members’ and readers’ preferences for receiving information.

So, while in many ways, this installment of Planetalk is fairly typical, it is also quite noteworthy.  It will be the last issue in this current format as we examine alternate and more effective ways of disseminating the stories that inspire you, the exemplary practices that activate you, and the fresh ideas that charge you up and make this work exciting.

Planetree will continue to focus on providing you the patient-centered care insights, takeaways and solutions you need to address today’s pressing healthcare challenges, but we’ll dole them out at a steady drip of more “bite-size” pieces shared through My Planetree and social media networks versus a deluge of information sent to your inbox every other month.

Serving as a convener and community-builder is central to Planetree’s mission.  We look forward to building off of the Planetalk platform to engage with our members and readers in different ways to create connections and facilitate wisdom-sharing among members. Thank you for reading!