Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month


October is Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month!

Join healthcare professionals, patients and families in celebrating the progress that has been achieved toward making patient-centered care a reality and building momentum for continued progress.

The theme of Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month in 2016 is The World of Patient and Family Engagement: Tools for Transformation. We invite anyone invested in improving our healthcare system to deliver more constructive interactions, more positive experiences and improved outcomes to join Planetree in commemorating the month.

Whether you are a patient, a family member, a healthcare professional or anyone else invested in creating a quality healthcare system, we invite you to download and start using the Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month Toolkit today!

Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month Toolkit:

2016 Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month Press Release
2016 Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month Logo
50 Ways to be an #EngagedPatient

Tools for Transformation for Patients and Families:
Patient Preferences Passport
Wallet Medication Card

Tools for Transformation for Organizations and Healthcare Professionals:
Patient-Preferred Practice Primer: Patient and Family Partnership Councils and Beyond
Patient-Preferred Practice Primer: Patient-Directed Visitation
Patient-Preferred Practice Primer: Shared Medical Record
Patient-Preferred Practice Primer: Bedside Shift Report
Patient-Preferred Practice Primer: Care Partners
Patient-Centered Designation Criteria & Self-Assessment (U.S.)
Patient-Centered Designation Criteria & Self-Assessment (International)

Other Resources

World Health Organizations’ Health Promoting Hospitals: The 2016 New Haven Recommendations on partnering with patients, families and citizens to enhance performance and quality in health promoting hospitals and health services

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Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month Stickers


" I am an Expert About Me" - Patient Stickers and "I am Listening" - Staff Stickers are available! Stickers can be ordered in mulitples of 100 for $18.00. To place your order please contact Lorena Bedoya at 203-732-1360 or

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