Patient-Centererd Care Visionary Leadership Award

Alice Mwongera Receives Planetree’s 2013 Patient-Centered Care Visionary Leadership Award


Morris Moses Foundation Founder and CEO Honored for Extraordinary Achievements in Patient-Centered  Care

Alice Mwongera’s work as founder and leader of the Morris Moses Foundation has been instrumental in improving the lives of patients in Kenya, and the sub-Saharan Africa region.  Her tireless efforts with the Save the Cradle campaign, a nation-wide movement to improve conditions at Pumwani Maternity Hospital, demonstrate her unwavering commitment to all patients.  All of Alice’s dedicated work provides inspiration as she gracefully demonstrates time and time again, her ability to turn grief into positive action.

Alice has been a committed leader in championing the cause of patient rights and patient advocacy.  In fact the government of Kenya implemented its first Patient Rights Charter, which was the culmination of efforts led by Alice, to not only get a policy drafted and in place, but also put into practice.

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