Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month

Thank you to everyone who celebrated Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month this October!

We hope you will join us again in 2014!

Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month is a global awareness-building campaign that occurs every October to commemorate the progress that has been made toward making patient-centered care a reality and to build momentum for further progress through education and collaboration. Hospitals and health care organizations around the world are encouraged to celebrate by making a commitment to develop more compassionate care practices and by publicly proclaiming to their patients and communities their commitment to patient-centered care.

How can you participate?
1. Promote your organization’s patient-centered practices. Planetree provides free materials including a logo, sample press release, sample newsletter article and other materials such as stickers and buttons for staff stating, “I am listening” and stickers and buttons for patients stating, “I’m an Expert about Me.”

2. Spread the word and encourage colleagues, clients and like-minded organizations to participate.

3. Build your knowledge of patient-centered approaches by reviewing the free resources featured on this page highlighting insights about patients and families as well as caregivers.

Suggested Ways to Celebrate Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month

Health care organizations are encouraged to celebrate by:

  • Displaying the Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month logo on your website and utilizing social media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to promote the month and your organization’s patient-centric programs
  • Reviewing and utilizing the toolkit located under resources on this website.
  • Holding a meeting of the patient and family advisory council or creating a patient and family advisory council if one doesn’t already exist.
  • Inviting patients or family members to join hospital committees.
  • Sharing information with staff and the community about patient satisfaction surveys such as HCAHPS along with additional patient perspectives and suggestions that have been implemented and other patient-centered strategies that have been adopted.
  • Hosting an open house for patients and families.
  • Writing a letter to the editor of the local paper describing the hospital’s commitment to patient-centered care and identifying the opportunities for patients and families to get involved.
  • Commenting on blogs about improving patient experiences by customizing care and building partnerships between providers and patients
  • Displaying and/or distributing the Proclamation for Patient-Centered Care.  (Complimentary customized copies are available from Planetree by contacting Marie Sullivan,
  • Distributing “I am an expert about me” stickers/buttons to patients or “I am listening” stickers/buttons to staff to reinforce that patients are respected partners. Click here to order 
  • Committing to developing a care partner program to involve loved ones and familiarize them in the care of the patient in the hospital and after discharge.
  • Inviting local and state elected officials to tour your community to showcase your healing environment and any new features and programs designed to personalize, humanize and demystify their health care experience.
  • Read Planetree’s brand new book,  Putting Patients First The Field Guide
  • Visit and to download copies of the free Patient-Centered Care Improvement Guide and Long-Term Care Improvement Guide


The theme for 2013 was “Compassion in Action.” A toolkit with resources and materials focused on compassion in action is still available below on this page featuring ideas and practical approaches to supporting caregivers, patients and families that leads to the creation of a more compassionate culture.

Qualitative and quantitative research, including Planetree’s thousands of focus groups, validates that chief among patient preferences, needs and values is care delivered with compassion.  For care to be truly patient-centered, therefore, a foundation of compassion is essential, and it has always been the heart of Planetree’s philosophy.

Examples of approaches for embedding compassion in care include storyboards that capture patient’s unique life histories and help caregivers to know their patients on a personal level; patient preference diagnoses, patient-centered staff retreats, discussion groups that offer caregivers an opportunity to talk about the emotional aspects of caregiving, integration of caring touch into care delivery and support services for staff.



Available resources to celebrate your organization’s patient-centered care initiatives

Build your knowledge about patient-centered care and compassion in action

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Danielle Swift
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