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Interactive Patient Care Systems


Allen Technologies, the pioneer of interactive patient engagement solutions for nearly 40 years, transforms the way hospitals engage, educate and empower patients. Allen helps hospitals impact patient outcomes, improve patient satisfaction and achieve operational efficiencies. Allen’s multiplatform interactive patient engagement system, delivered via television, tablet and bedside monitor, is a robust patient-centric portal for customized patient education, in- room comfort control, and entertainment. Allen’s E3 Patient Engagement Solution integrates seamlessly with electronic medical records and system platforms including HVAC, housekeeping and food service systems. Learn more at, or

Company Contact Information:
Jerry Folsom, President & CEO 
o: 512/681-7123 |  m: 512/731-6185 

Window Channel Network

Window Channel Network produces original relaxation and wellness video for healthcare and wellbeing. Bring stress-relief to the patient bedside in full high-definition. Make full advantage of your flat-screen televisions with continuous broadcast-quality programming developed by wellness professionals and created for all aspects of mind, body and soul. everything we do is designed to promote calm, aid in a patient’s wellbeing and enhance their overall experience. We produce the highest quality programming designed to complement your high-standards of patient-centric care and elevate your overall outcomes. We are the only wellness video provider to deliver our entire lineup in full HD broadcast quality. The Window Channel Network's Wellness library features eight specialty channels with 126 unique program titles and over 160 hours of relaxation and entertainment video. Clinical testing and trial has proven the effective use of the Window Channel programming in reducing intrusive noise levels, encouraging healthy sleep patterns and stress reduction. But most important, your patients, your caregivers and your communities will benefit greatly from our original, purely holistic approach to relaxation.

Company Contact Information:
Jim Wilmer CEO
206-660-0347 cell
704-858-2324 office

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Medcalm Audio and Video Solutionsfor healing and relaxation are proven to help medical professionals meet these objectives. Our audio Medcalm System, video Medcalm Channel and extensive program libraries bring the leading relaxation response techniques and renowned holistic practitioners to patient care environments. Best-in-class hospitals, doctors, dentists and treatment facilities rely on our mind-calming complementary care to reduce patient stress, create a sense of well-being and promote the body’s ability to heal. Patients, as a result, require fewer medications and experience less pain and shorter hospital stays-and these positive outcomes translate into measurable bottom-line rewards.
Amy Gordon Fisher

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