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The Putting Patients First Field Guide: Global Lessons in Designing and Implementing Patient-Centered Care

Susan B. Frampton (Editor),
Patrick A. Charmel (Editor),
Sara Guastello (Editor)

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The Putting Patients First Field Guide is the ultimate real-world guide to how hospitals, long-term care communities and integrated health care systems around the world are operationalizing the fundamental dimensions of a patient-centered culture, including access to information, family involvement, healing environments, employee and physician engagement, patient advocacy and more.

Edited by Susan Frampton, Patrick Charmel and Sara Guastello of Planetree, a nonprofit consulting and research organization dedicated to patient-centered care, the book represents a concrete pathway to patient-centered excellence, using lessons from organizations around the world. By featuring real life examples of health care organizations from nearly every continent, this book will underscore the adaptability of a patient-centered approach to accommodate cultural nuances while addressing the universal desire for patients and family members across cultures for health care experiences that promote compassion, partnership and transparency.

What healthcare industry leaders are saying about the book:    

“At IHI, we follow the principle, “all teach, all learn” – the idea that everyone, everywhere has something to teach, and something to learn. This remarkable guide is as pure an example of this principle as I’ve come across. It’s an indispensable resource for anyone committed to truly patient-and family-centered care.”

~Maureen Bisognano, President and CEO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

“The International Society for Quality in Health Care’s mission is to Inspire, promote and support continuous improvement in the quality and safety of healthcare worldwide. It is in this spirit that I welcome this collection of papers on patient centered care.This is the third edition of the Putting Patients First series, the first published a decade ago, and this edition, as did its predecessors, continues to demonstrate to us through the work of a range professions and professionals  just how critical it is to develop ‘an organizational culture that puts patients first’. In this way safe and high quality health care can be delivered through an inclusive approach with the patient naturally at the centre of his or her journey.” ~Peter Carter, Chief Executive Officer, International Society for Quality in Health Care                                

“This superb guide illustrates that providing high quality, high value, patient-centered health care is not some theoretical ideal.  The case studies make clear that these goals are attainable; they are being achieved by leading health care organizations worldwide; and there is a clear road map for getting there — right here in this book.” ~Susan Dentzer, Senior Policy Adviser to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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