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Curtains and Curtain accessories

With a customer retention rate of over 95%, ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists is dedicated to improving your patient satisfaction through quality linens and remarkable service. Let us be your partner by providing linen rental and laundry service from any of our 36 locations nationwide.

ImageFIRST’s new unique and innovative Cubicle Curtain Program includes specially-designed curtains easily changed without a ladder in 90 seconds or less, RFID or UHF technology for infection prevention documentation, fully-managed laundry services of replaced curtains – all with no up-front costs! Available in select locations. Find out more at  

  • Patient Apparel: Individually-wrapped gowns and robes for every patient, practice and procedure, including our new Comfort Care™ Line of high-end patient gowns and robes which increases a patient’s favorable perception of a facility by more than 50%!

  • Professional Garments: Scrubs, lab coats, warm-up jackets and surgical gowns as well as storage solutions for your staff

  • Bed and bath linens: Soft, warm and hygienically clean bed sheets, towels, blankets and mattress pads that are plasticwrapped and/or sealed for increased infection prevention

  • Microfiber Cleaning Solutions: Line of multipurpose mops, mop heads, frames and buckets

  • Regulated Medical Waste disposal services (available in GA, MD, NC, PA & SC only)


Find out how we stand out from the rest:  
ImageFIRST. Your cost-effective solution for greater patient satisfaction.

Contact Information:
Bill Roberts
800-368-3676 extension 1107

Nature-Inspired Products That Enhance The Patient Experience
Scenic Hospital Curtains, Overheads, and Wall Treatments

Sereneview was founded in 2002, to bring inspiring Nature scenes to the hospital setting - using evidence-based design to enhance the patient experience and healing process. This creates a positive patient experience that can have an impact on reinbursement rates.

With a unique, patented production process, Sereneview has pioneered a line of high quality, antimicrobial products including scenic hospital curtains and scenic overheads - that bring beautiful views of Nature to the bedside.

The creation of award-winning Nature photographer Ernesto Rodriguez, graphic artist Loren Price, and a skilled team of décor artisans, Sereneview offers a wide array of durable, antimicrobial products, with peaceful Nature images. The company is headquartered in Avalon on Santa Catalina Island, California.

The Sereneview line of products includes:

  • Scenic Hospital Curtains- Nature scenes and Nature-inspired patterns
  • Scenic Overheads- Ceiling tiles and lighting luminaires
  • Scenic Wall Treatments- Acoustic wall panels, wall murals and lightboxes

The Sereneview products are built upon 40 years of research, which establishes that viewing Nature scenes:

  • Releases serotonin
  • Lowers stress and anxiety
  • Reduces pain medication intake, and
  • Leads to shorter hospital stays

These scenes of Nature are visual theraphy that act as a positive distraction and helps induce a daydream-like state. The Sereneview hospital privacy curtain is the recipient of the prestigious Nightingale Award for Most Innovative New Product from The Center For Healthcare Design and Healthcare Design magazine. In 2012, Planetree honored Sereneview with the Spirit of Planetree Award for our commitment to better patient care. Sereneview privacy curtains and other products are now utilized in over 700 healthcare facilities nationwide.

We have partnerships with Planetree and companies that recognize "a healing environment is a healthy environment for everyone."

Loren Price, Sales & Production
Telephone: 888.515.6578 FREE - Toll-free in USA & Canada (8:00 am - 5:00 pm PST, Mon.-Fri.)
951.471.0736 - Outside USA & Canada
Sales Fax: 951.674.3876

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