Patient-Directed Visitation Primer

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  A comprehensive implementation tool for hospitals adopting a patient-directed approach to visiting. Includes evidence to build the case for the practice, sample implementation tools and practical guidance for overcoming common implementation pitfalls.        

  This document maps out a ten step process for implementing patient-directed visitation.        

  This 13-question Quality Checking Tool was developed by Planetree to support organizations in assessing how patient-centered their approach to visiting really is, and to identify opportunities for better aligning structures, practices and culture around welcoming the presence of family and maximizing their potential as integral members of the patient’s care team.      

Prompts to guide leaders in personal reflection about their strengths and development opportunities related to person-centered leadership.    

  A comprehensive implementation tool for healthcare providers interested in integrating the patient preferences passport into care delivery processes.        

Patient Preferences Passport

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A user-friendly, patient-owned tool that consolidates important patient information, ranging from medical diagnoses and prescriptions to patient-report details such as personal health goals, care preferences, their most pressing concerns and what supports they rely on to manage their health – all captured in the patient’s own voice. The questions included in the passport derive from

  A workbook designed to spur thinking, spark dialogue and generate next steps for forging effective partnerships with patients and family members. Includes a self-assessment tool for gauging the current state of your partnership efforts, a guided pathway of next steps to advance these endeavors, concrete example of partnership in action and implementation tools.  

  This ten-question self-assessment is designed to support organizations in gauging the current state of their efforts to partner with patient and family advisors.        

  A consolidated compilation of the evidence base in support of the Patient and Family Engaged Care framework developed by Planetree in partnership with the National Academy of Medicine. Extracted from the complete discussion paper, available for download from        

Focus Groups 101

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  A basic summary of best practices in focus group facilitation.        

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